Groovetech 世界專利波浪不沾刀 日本鋼材鋒利耐用 凹紋設計食材不沾黏 79折起 | 10/1結束

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    Groovtech® 波浪不沾刀

    Groovtech® 是一把革命性的廚房進化刀具,擁有世界專利的特殊的波浪刀肉紋理與結構能夠讓空氣在刀面與食材間流動,不論是切片、切塊或是日常操作,食材都不易沾粘在刀面上,使用更輕鬆簡便。

    •Perfect for cutting fresh bread, meat, vegetables and cheeses.

    •A new range of knives with patented innovation technology which creates airflow between the grooves to prevent sticking and enable an easier cut.

    •Naturally non-stick, so no chemical coating and it won't leave grooves in your food, as the blade has a straight edge. Each knife comes with a free blade guard